W-Natural® is a bio-based polymer specially developed for bio-degradable and compostable materials.

Sunar having four decades of experience in corn based ingredients production, is the first certified bio-polymer producer of Türkiye W-Natural® is the registered trademark of Sunar NP for bio-polymer solutions. W-Natural® TP range is a thermoplastic starch polymer made of certified corn and W-Natural® CP range is the customized bio-polymer according to the application areas. W-Natural® CP blends have certified starch and other bio-degradable polymers compatible with corn starch.

W-Natural®is a choice for sustainable solutions and can be broken down by microorganisms into CO2, H2O and nutritious compost within 180 days under composting conditions without generating any poisonous gases in accordance with EN 13432 and ASTM D6400.

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Certified Biodegradable and Compostable TPS Polymer and Bio-Polymer developed

by SUNAR R&D Center

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Application Technologies